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Divvio app for the iPad and iPhone


Divvy-up the bill with Divvio!

Divvio helps friends track and share expenses with each other.

Forget the accounting headaches and live in the moment — Enjoy your story!

Divvio is group expense sharing done right!

Keep track of expenses when you travel together, split bills with roommates, or go on your weekend outings. Let one person cover the bill and see a quick glimpse of your running total; you’ll get an idea of when you should pick up the next bill.

With Divvio you can avoid those constant small transfers/IOU’s and the awkward requests to get paid back.

Divvio app for the iPad and iPhone Divvio app for the iPad and iPhone Divvio app for the iPad and iPhone

Divvio features:

   • Track your group expenses, everyone can add an expense of their own or on behalf of someone else
   • See a breakdown of your expenses in a timeline or categorized view
   • Track re-payments to your friends; see if you need to collect or pay

Get out and experience life with your friends and family and Divvio the bills!

Install the Divvio app now!

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