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iAllowance for the iPad and iPhone     iAllowance (Allowance, Chores & Rewards w/Sync) - Jump Gap Software

iAllowance is a virtual piggy bank for kids!

Put the piggy bank and paper money behind you! This great application is the only thing you need to manage your child’s finances and teach him or her about saving and spending money.

That’s right you can set up a weekly allowance or pay out a special reward, it can handle it all. This simple to use app has a fun and interactive user interface (UI). Add your chores to a list in the app and keep track of them.

If you have more than one child no worries iAllowance can handle them all. Create an unlimited number of banks for each of your kids. Each bank has its own transaction list where you can add, edit and delete transactions as often as you need to. You can even put a picture on the account of that child.

Keep track of what your children are doing and make sure they learn about value and use the parental controls and edit everything for your child. Keep them motivated with rewards, and set goals for chores, and as soon as the chores complete they get the reward.

iAllowance for the iPad and iPhoneiAllowance for the iPad and iPhoneiAllowance for the iPad and iPhone

This app has so many more features take a look

   • Simple and Fun
   • Sync between devices
   • Support for multiple children
   • Unlimited number of banks
   • Automatic allowance payments
   • Chore tracking
   • Reward Tracking
   • Copy feature
   • Email and direct print reports using AirPrint
   • Parental Controls
   • Dropbox Integration
   • Supports 150+ currencies

iAllowance is a great tool for teaching children about money, you can never start to early, but can also be used by anyone of any age.

Install this terrific app and manage your kids’ allowance!

iAllowance (Allowance, Chores & Rewards w/Sync) - Jump Gap Software

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