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Serve for the iPad and iPhone     Serve - American Express

Serve is the best finance app available, that really makes managing money easy!

American Express has apped the bank teller. Use your mobile device, to send and receive money from anywhere in the U.S. at any time. Pay back a friend, give your child an allowance, or receiving money, quickly and easily through secure transactions.

Register for Serve right in the app, and access your account, transfer funds to friends and family, Request money from an individual or group.
Split the bill is a great feature that does the-math for you, enter # of people, total, and tax % and hit continue. As you see your part of the bill you can view what you have available in your account. You can view others accounts that are saved in subaccounts.

This app works along with others that have registered with Serve. So invite everyone you know, with the Refer a friend.

Track, record and evaluate your funds and view all your past transactions.

Serve for the iPad and iPhoneServe for the iPad and iPhone

I love this app, I have used it for about 2 weeks now for the review and plan on using it all the time.

Download your very own pocket-bank today!

Serve - American Express

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