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StockTouch for iPad and iPhone     StockTouch - Visible Market Inc.


Change the way you understand Stocks and Companies with StockTouch.

With a unique ground-breaking interface that brings you the power of data visualization and financial information together, in one of the finest financial apps available.

StockTouch brings you current Market information!

Watch the market as it unfolds with current data that’s updated every 5 minutes throughout the trading day, 9:30AM to 4PM EST.

One interface gives you the access of 9 sectors, 4,000 Companies, 30,000 Charts, 40,000 News Stories and 50,000 tiles of heat. StockTouch displays heat maps for both the top 900 U.S. 900 and Global Companies in each sector by market capitalization.

Just zoom-in to the sector you are watching, and quickly dive into data to uncover insights and trends on Companies and Sectors.
You can mark your own personal heat maps of favorite stocks and ETFs.

Data will be updated faster over a WiFi connection and load very fast over 4G.

Access all the data you want!
Immerse yourself in a rich environment of intelligent, fast loading data, an elegant design and radiant colors.

A fluid navigation makes it easy to access all the data to study historical information or current day. Study all about Companies with bios, and monitor the price and volume as you zoom-in to a Companies level of the Sectors.
Touch anywhere and zoom-in and out and view a sharp rendering of the data.

StockTouch app for iPad and iPhone
StockTouch app
StockTouch iPad and iPhone

StockTouch Features:

   • Combines data visualization and financial information together
   • A unique interface that brings you:
      o 9 Sectors
      o 4,000 Companies
      o 30,000 Charts
      o 40,000 News Stories
      o 50, 000 Heat Tiles
   • Radiant Colors
   • Fluid Navigation
   • Current Market Data (updated every 5 min. throughout the trading day)
   • Historical Data
   • Company Bios
   • Set your own favorite Heat maps of Stocks and ETFs

StockTouch is a new breed of high performance visual business information app.

Install StockTouch now, and watch the Market today!

StockTouch - Visible Market Inc.

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