Angry Birds Space

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Angry Birds Space for the iPad and iPhone     Angry Birds Space - Rovio Mobile Ltd. 

Angry Birds Space

Zero-gravity, will keep those angry Finches flying forever… There goes the Galaxy!

Angry Birds Space, transports you to a strange new galaxy with amazing new powers for the finches, and space pigs.
A giant claw has kidnapped the eggs, and the Angry Birds chase after, into a wormhole and find themselves floating in the dark, cold of space, in a strange new galaxy. The laws of physics have been tossed up-side-down, and our favorite aviaries are given different super powers.

So much space, so few birds!
With Angry Birds Space, you will experience 60 interstellar levels of planets and zero gravity, resulting in spectacular gameplay.
You will be playing for hours just to perfect the slow-motion puzzles to the lightspeed destruction. You will notice that the planets gravity comes into play, and slingshots you around the planet for really cool trickshots.
Look out for the obstacles of space, asteroids, TNT, and

Meet the new Bird!
Angry Birds Space has new friend added to the aviary bunch. A new blocky, blue bird of ice, like an ice cube, has teamed up with the gang.
Along with their new cool friend, the bird bunch has been given superpowers, which has spawned a superhero persona, for each.

Find Angry Birds Space, hidden bonus levels!

As your exploring the vast galaxy, find the hidden bonus levels and rack up the points. Without giving away the fun, the 2 bonus levels I have found where easy enough to run into.

Space Eagle?
Earn enough points, or purchase the Space Eagle through in-app purchase, for the ultimate destructive power. You can then use him at any point in the game, where you open up a wormhole and the Space Eagle finds and destroys mass pigs. After obtaining the Space Eagle you will be given new goals and achievements.

Angry Birds Space game for the iPad and iPhone
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Space app for the iPad and iPhone

Angry Birds Space features:

    • 60 interstellar levels
    • Regular free updates
    • Brand new Bird
    • Brand new superpowers
    • Zero-gravity space adventure
    • Trick shots
    • New in-app purchases
    • Hidden Bonus Levels
    • Beautifully detailed backgrounds

For the Angry Bird Heads – the ultimate Angry Birds Fans!
There’s an all new Danger Zone, in Angry Birds Space. This in-app purchase will be essential for any diehard finch fan, where your skills are really put to the test on 30 of the most difficult levels ever.

Can you master the awesome Danger Zone?

The sky is no longer the limit for these superheroes.

Download the interstellar fun today, with Angry Birds Space!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
Angry Birds Space - Rovio Mobile Ltd.

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