Bag It!

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Bag It! for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Bag It! - Hidden Variable Studios

Bag It!

Stack-up the fun with Bag It!

Challenge yourself and stack the bag to the top. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well it gets pretty hard when the items don’t fit together in your bag.
The heavy items should be onn the bottom and the fragile groceries on top.

Collect all 3 stars, and both medals for each level.

Bag It! has 60+ unique levels, within 3 increasingly hard modes. You of course have Standard, Rampage and puzzle mode.
If you’re feeling bagger-iffic, try the 3 endless modes, Ultimate Bagger, Endless Rampage and Power Surge.

Watch your grocery characters come to life. Fit them all in your grocery bag and stack them carefully, so all the items don’t split the corners and blow-out the brown bag. Find all of the unique grocery combos.
There’s a new character, Fizzy. Don’t shake him up, he will fizz all over the bag.

GameCenter is integrated with over 25 achievements to earn. Check the leaderboards and stay on top of the Bag.

Bag It! Bag It! for the Android, iPad and iPhone Bag It! game

Check out these features:

   • Your grocery characters come to life – it’s like “Tetris meets Toy Story”!
   • Unique grocery combos – try to find them all!
   • Custom tailored translations in 7 languages!
   • 60+ unique levels! Try to get 3 stars and both medals for each – master them all!
   • Standard, Rampage, and Puzzle modes!
   • 3 endless modes – Ultimate Bagger, Endless Rampage, and Power Surge!
   • Over 25 achievements to earn!

Bag It! Is full of fun and challenging puzzles, you must perfect the 16 new levels.

Custom tailored translations in 7 languages.

Download Bag It!, and stack those groceries fast!

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –
Bag It! - Hidden Variable Studios

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