Death Worm

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Death Worm for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Death Worm - PlayCreek 

Death Worm

Now on Android!

The little, defenseless worm has been kicked around for long enough!

And in the rage Death Worm has been unleashed, going on a rampage of nuclear proportion, destroying everything in its path. Even the animals!

You must control the earth munching monster and blow up cars, tanks, take out the air support and bring down planes and helicopters.
You’re not done with just defeating the army THERES ALIENS that you have wipe out!

Death Worm will keep anyone of any age busy for hours as you control your worms through 45 levels on 3 different difficulties, 2 bonus mini-games and really hard survival mode. Choose between 3 different types of worms. There’s a D-pad for controls which give it a wormy feeling.

The controls are a little confusing at first but once you start you get the hang of it.

I thought the game had a smooth reaction to the control, and like that there are so many different enemies to blow up.
I didn’t like that it force closed on me about three times. Later finding out others have had this issue.

Death Worm game
Death Worm app
Death Worm

Look over the HD display support. Keep track of your ranking with Leaderboards and Achievements.

Download the devastating Death Worm!

Android – Look in Google Play

iTunes –
Death Worm - PlayCreek

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