Deer Hunter 2014

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Deer Hunter 2014 for the Android, iPad and iPhone    

Deer Hunter 2014

Hunt the most exotic animals from North America to Central Africa

Slap some camouflage on, grab your rifle and enjoy the stunning visuals in Deer Hunter 2014. Return to the wilderness of North America’s Pacific Northwest to the Savannah of Central Africa in an exciting FPS.

Peep your target, breath is calm, squeeze don’t jerk!
Hunt over 100 animal species like Deer, Wolverines, Impalas, Ducks and the heavy hitting attack predators like Lions, Bears, Cheetahs and wolves that attack after you first shoot. To avoid being ripped to shreds make sure your shots count.

Upgrade to maximum firepower
For maximum fire power upgrade the barrel, ammo, capacity, muzzle, stock, sight, infrared which is recommended for each hunt.
Upgrade your rifles, assault rifles, shotguns and pistols as you earn money and gold bars from completing hunts and leveling-up. You can always make an in-app purchase to get money and gold bars.
Gold bars are harder to come by and you can only use gold bars for certain weapon upgrades, which makes the progression through the regions difficult. Before you commit to a hunt you can upgrade weapons to the recommended power level.

Deer Hunter 2014 steps-up the game on the graphics, which are beautiful and the buttons are easy to understand!
With a first person view, you control your movement of left and right with arrows on the sides of the screen and the view is controlled by dragging your finger on screen in the direction you want. The lower left of the screen is the sight view. The lower right of the screen is the shoot button with options for sports drinks and hollow points. In the top right you will find the timer for the hunt.

Travel around the world and experience the thrill of the hunt!
Start of in Region 1, Pacific Northwest and complete the trophy hunts to unlock Region 2, North Africa. Region 3, takes you to British Columbia for the big moose. Region 4, goes back to the warmth of South Africa. And the just added Region 5, Alaska.

Deer Hunter 2014 is social hunting!
Compete for the most trophies and track your progress in Game Center.

Deer Hunter 2014 game for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Deer Hunter 2014 app

Deer Hunter 2014 app gamefor the Android, iPad and iPhone

Deer Hunter 2014 features:
   • Realistic Environments
   • 100 Animal species
   • 5 Regions to hunt in with more to come
   • Customizable firearms with a recommendation system
   • Achievements
   • Leaderboards
   • Game Center

It’s Open Season!
Exotic animals, diverse locals, maximum firepower… Doesn’t get better than this.

Download Deer Hunter 2014 and join the hunt!

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