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Feed Me Oil the Android, iPad and iPhone     Feed Me Oil - Chillingo Ltd

It’s a puzzle to me! On how to explain the weirdest looking physics puzzle game out-there. I guess it’s like an enigma, well a puzzle inside a puzzle game. Now on to the riddle then!

Feed Me Oil First caught my eye with the colorful unique surreal art, and crazy looking characters, or landscapes with faces. Your objective is to feed the land, which appears to be alive at times, the oil that’s leaking out-of the broken pipe. The lands starving, so you must get the oil to the weird wonderful creatures. You will need all sorts of tools like fans, magnets, wind and your brain to solve these puzzles that get harder as you progress through the levels.

Replay-ability is endless, as each puzzle can be solved multiple ways, with a huge variety of mind-bending levels that test your mental skills. Enjoy a stunning musical soundtrack that features jazz, emotive piano tracks and more.

Feed Me Oil lets you control your moves with ease with an intuitive touch control, it’s very helpful and helps with smoother game play. The incredibly slick and realistic physics create oil like never before.

Feed Me Oil the Android, iPad and iPhone
Feed Me Oil the Android, iPad and iPhone
Feed Me Oil the Android, iPad and iPhone

Your friends and family can share your experience with free levels that you can gift to them. I think your whole family any age will like playing this puzzler!

Download the fun, and Feed Me Oil!

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Feed Me Oil - Chillingo Ltd

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