Glow Hockey 2

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Glow Hockey for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Glow Hockey 2 - Natenai Ariyatrakool

If you’re bored of regular table hockey, you’ll love this new GLOWING style!

Glow Hockey 2 brings a challenging fast paced game to life with amazing graphics that are simple yet some of the coolest I have seen for a while. I really like how it looks like the colors are glowing and the crash of impact from the puck.

Choose between 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane), and master the paddle as you challenge the computer opponent in Quick Play mode 1 or 2 players. Championship mode lets you save 3 games.

Customize the puck and paddles, set goal to vibrate, pause/resume play.

Newly added – Bluetooth/WiFi for head-to-head battles, and Openfeint leaderboard.

With a smooth game play that’s very responsive, you will have to keep pace as the physics base projections are harder-and-harder to block.
I would recommend this arcade-like game to any age.

Glow Hockey for the Android, iPad and iPhoneGlow Hockey for the Android, iPad and iPhoneGlow Hockey for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Install the GLOWING excitement now and slap them pucks!

Look in Google Play for Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey 2 for iPhone –
Glow Hockey 2 - Natenai Ariyatrakool

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