Goat Rampage

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Goat Rampage for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Rampaging Goats!

Take your goat on a rampage. The most ridiculous 3D animal simulator available for mobile devices. Use your goat to smash as many objects as possible to earn the high score.
Crash everything in sight, in the fastest time to gain the highest score.

Goat Rampage has 2 huge maps to explore with interactive people and animals. Drive a car to cause even more damage or find the helicopter for aerial view. That’s right a Goat driving a car and helicopter!

Enjoy the infinite mode that plays on after the game is over.

With stunning 3D infinite play and huge maps you will be rampaging for hours at a time.
Find the hidden secret features and unlock huge rewards.

Optimized performance provides for smooth and easy control with ragdoll effects.

Goat Rampage

Goat Rampage game for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Goat Rampage app

Goat Rampage features:

    • Stunning 3D graphics
    • 2 huge maps to explore
    • Interactive people, animals
    • Drivable car available – causes even more damage
    • Flyable helicopter
    • Smooth and easy controls
    • Infinite mode – Play after the game is over
    • Hidden secret features

The rampaging action can now be shared with friends. Share your Goat Rampage high score with a new social media integration.

Install Goat Rampage today!

Android – Please check in Google Play

iPhone –

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