Heads Up!

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Heads Up! game for the Android, iPad and iPhone

This crazy game is fun for everyone!

Ellen DeGeneres plays this fun and hilarious game, Heads Up! on her show with guests. Now you can play with friends.
This is a new guessing game that creates side-splitting laughter and fun for everyone!

The Heads Up! game is similar to blind man’s bluff as you hold your mobile device up to your forehead as the other players give you clues to the word on your card. How many cards can you guess correctly before the timer runs-out.
If you guess the correct word on your card, tilt your device DOWN. When you want to pass tilt your device UP.

Choose from 8 exciting categories on 18 themed decks packed with fun cards, like celebrities names, movies, animals, accents, characters and more. The new “Pitch Perfect” deck is a fan favorite!

Play with as many others as you like, with one friend or 100, everyone can get in on the action!
It’s really fun and challenging at the same time.

Heads Up! records your hilarious friends!
As you play and the craziness unfolds, you can record it all right from the app. As you hold your device to your forehead the app can take a video of the other players.
Share the videos with everyone on Facebook.

Heads Up! game for the Android, iPad and iPhoneHeads Up! game for the Android, iPad and iPhoneHeads Up! game app for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Heads Up! features:

    • Play with one friend or 100 at the same time
    • Draw a new card by tilting your phone
    • Record videos and share them on Facebook
    • Challenging entertainment
    • 7 categories
    • 18 themed Decks
    • Decks include –
        o Celebrities
        o Movies
        o Animals
        o Accents
        o Characters
        o And more

Play the game that is bringing friends hours entertainment and fun.
Your next road trip party or wait in a line will never be the same!

Se habla espanol! Now you tons of decks are translated.

Install the Heads Up! app, today!

Android- Please check in Google Play

iPhone –

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