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JOYSTICK-IT for the Android Devices and iPad     

The best accessory for tablet gaming ever, the JOYSTICK-IT!

Whether you want a retro gaming experience, or just don’t like the virtual controls, which are not that fun to use, you are going to love this joystick. With a look and feel of a real arcade joystick, you can stick it to your devices’ screen, right over the virtual controls.

JOYSTICK-IT might not be the only joystick accessories out-there, but I think it’s the front-runner. You can hold this joystick and make accurate movements in your game. As you remove the joystick be careful with the suction pad, that doubles as a pivot point. It’s built tough, with solid milled aluminum, you will surely get your money’s worth for it will last longer than your device. Get a grip, with laser-etched crosshair design on-top the ball, it’s looks pretty sweet too.

The only downside that I want to mention is the joystick can only be used on games featuring an on-screen D-pad.

JOYSTICK-IT supports any device with a capacitive touchscreen. As it will work on the iPhone, we do not recommend it, the JOYSTICK-IT works best on larger devices. Ideally the virtual controls should be the size of the bottom of the joystick.

JOYSTICK-IT for the Android Devices and iPad

I am going to get another JOYSTICK-IT to try to turn the iPad into a cocktail game and have two-player competitions, or add another, for single players to have dual-stick action.

Get yours now and EN-JOYSTICK-IT!

Purchase the JOYSTICK-IT here

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