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MADDEN NFL 12 for the Android, iPad and iPhone     MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ - Electronic Arts

I love that Peyton Hillis is on the cover of MADDEN NFL 12!

Being a Browns fan has its downs, but everyone in Cleveland can be proud of our Peyton Hillis. He is electric and watching him run for the extra yard pulling five guys along for the ride is exhilarating as you can feel the energy from every fan in the stadium.

My main goal is to play an entire game on my iPhone, with only Peyton.

Now to the awesome features and exciting real-NFL play of the best football game ever!

Get into the action with Real teams, Real Players that’s true to the game with EA SPORT’S, MADDEN NFL 12. The hard hitting, realistic collisions on the field and beefed up roster gives you the ultimate football experience. With smooth game-play and extremely sharp graphics, you will feel the excitement.

Choose between the 32 NFL teams to battle it out in true-to-life stadiums. Make trades, track stats, and launch winning strategies from in-depth playbooks, unique to every team. You really need to check out the Total Defensive Control (TDC), that can slow down time for you to put your players in position to deliver game changing hits. There’s also a time shift for the offense that gives you the ability to dominate the defense with dives, spins, jukes, the Action Control Time (ACT).

  • Real Teams, Real Players, Real Stadiums
  • Origin Register – Real Rankings on Leaderboards
  • Expanded Playbooks
  • Updated Rosters – 2,500+ Players
  • Hot Routes – Draw up routes for passing, running and defense and save the best as audibles
  • 3 Modes of gameplay – Exibition, Season, Playoffs
  • TDC (Total Defensive Control)
  • ACT (Action Control Time)

MADDEN NFL 12 for the Android, iPad and iPhone
MADDEN NFL 12 for the Android, iPad and iPhone
MADDEN NFL 12 for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Get started and jump right in with the quick Exhibition Mode, or play 16 straight games for Season Mode. Just go for the gusto, and relive the 2010 / 2011 playoffs. Every aspect of the NFL year is at your fingertips, for you to take where ever you go.

Download MADDEN NFL 12 today! You know it’s the best football game ever!

Android – Please look in Google Play

iPhone –
MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ - Electronic Arts

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