Marvel Run Jump Smash!

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Marvel Run Jump Smash! for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Marvel Run Jump Smash!


With Marvel Run Jump Smash! You can compete with friends as you fight Super Villains and their henchmen.

Fly as Iron Man! Smash as The Incredible Hulk! Run and Jump as Cap! Run and Gun as Super Spy Black Widow!
Unlock additional Super Heroes…
Swing as Spider-man! Shoot arrows as Hawkeye! Unleash the Thunder as Thor! Binary Blast as Captain Marvel!

Run, jump, smash and dodge obstacles and fight Super Villains like Loki to progress as far as you can.

Increase your score by switching between characters and activating each Super Hero’s unique Special Attack.
Collect coins and boosts on your run. Then buy special power-ups to boost your distance and score. Run, jump and smash through multiple environments, compete with friends and upgrade your character!

Marvel Run Jump Smash! App for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Marvel Run Jump Smash!

Marvel Run Jump Smash! Game for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Marvel Run Jump Smash! Features:

   • Assemble your Super Hero team to achieve the best score!
   • Unleash each Hero’s devastating Special Attack!
   • Play in iconic Marvel locations!
   • Compete against friends to gain the top leaderboard position!
   • Upgrade your character to achieve an even higher score!
   • Keep the action going with new Super Heroes and location updates!

Play as your favorite Marvel characters with a cartoony edge and tons of actions coming your way in a great endless runner.
How far can you make it?

Note: Internet connection is needed.

Install the tiny-toons, Marvel Run Jump Smash!, now!

Android – Check Google Play

iPhone –

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