Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour app for the Android iPad and iPhone      Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - Gameloft 

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Fight in an action-packed FPS all over the world!

In the wake of a nuclear disaster, a few elite soldiers are our only chance to avoid global devastation. The frighteningly familiar terrorist group responsible have taken the world’s leaders and you must save them.
The missions take you all around the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona!

Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sides of the story by also playing the villain, Edward Page.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour offers a new tactical movement system that is great! This one improvement has taken the frustration out of combat games.
If this improves you’re gaming or not, you will surely love the console-like controls.

Lifelike animations and dynamic objects create and amazing ragdoll effects and the most realistic-feeling vehicles ever.

The beautiful graphics and lifelike effects gives you the ability to really feel this game!

Play the multi-player mode for even more action with a gameplay profile with an improved loadout system & over 20,000 weapon arrangements!
There’s a new specialization system with redesigned skills for a more challenging gameplay. Lead your character to the top of the leaderboards with a new ranking system.

You can make an in-app purchase for Credit Packs, like Small Gold Credits Pack, Medium Gold Credits Pack, Large Blue Credits Pack up-to Supersized Gold Credits Pack

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for the Android iPad and iPhone
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour game for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour features:

    • Memorable FPS action
    • Dramatic intensity
    • Tactical movement system
    • Fight all over the world
    • Console-like graphics
    • Amazing ragdoll effects
    • Realistic-feeling vehicles
    • In-app purchase Credits Packs

Join the elite soldiers in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour to take down the terrorist and retrieve the world’s leaders!
Take on the multi-player mode and enjoy redesigned skills and leaderboards.

Install the most realistic FPS, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, today!

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour - Gameloft

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