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Need for Speed Most Wanted game app for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Need for Speed™ Most Wanted - Electronic Arts 

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Open world racing at its finest across platforms!

Police aside, this game isn’t about any one franchise in particular. It’s about developer Criterion’s ruthless pursuit of its racing vision.
With spectacular Burnout-style crashes, the police from 2011’s Hot Pursuit, and the ease of getting new races via Autolog, Need for Speed Most Wanted is a well-sculpted, honed racing machine that delivers an exhilarating experience.

Freedom and structure delicately intersect in a loose career mode based around beating a list of 10 Most Wanted cars. Unlike most games out there, these races unfurl in a subtle way. Jump in a car and do whatever you want, and the game tracks it and suggests objectives via Autolog (including the feats of your online friends). You’re always free to hop to the next ride.

With motion blur and full-car damage the game immerses you into open world racing like never before. The career-building race events are actually tied to each car. You can race any of the 100-plus cars you find in the world, but to upgrade each one you have to complete an event that’s tied to a specific car upgrade.
Once your car is stacked and you earn enough Speed Points (which you accrue by doing things like near misses, drifts, etc.), you can take out the next Most Wanted car.
The freedom this setup provides, since there was more than one way to pursue the same goal.

Need for Speed Most Wanted cars are simultaneously coveted and disposable. It’s great to find them in the world and pride yourself on beating/earning the high-prestige cars on the Most Wanted list, and yet tearing them up in high-speed wrecks and launching them off jumps (safe landing or not).
This dichotomy can lead to doubt, since you’re free to upgrade and use any car in the Most Wanted races, and not all upgrades are clearly advantageous in all situations. Sometimes it’s better to have higher top speed than acceleration, so you want to make sure you have the right car to compete. The ubiquity of cars also cuts down on their eminence and your drive to upgrade all of them.

The cops rear their heads appropriately throughout the game, and are neither too powerful or pushovers. My favorite use of them is when they show up during a scripted moment in an upgrade or Most Wanted race and you have to continue to evade them after the event is over as the action spills out into the open world. For reasons I can’t fathom, however, there are no police chases in multiplayer.

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Need for Speed Most Wanted game for the Android, iPad and iPhone
Need for Speed Most Wanted app for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Need for Speed Most Wanted features:

   • Drive and customize over 40 unique cars
   • Tilt or touch steering
   • Use mods to enhance your car
   • Autolog – tracks each cars objectives
   • Beautiful graphics and intense full-car damage
   • Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars
   • Most Wanted list – Log into Origin to find out who is the Most Wanted across Platforms and challenge your friends

Evade the police, jump into new cars, earn Speed points and challenge your friends. The open world of Fairhaven is a fertile ground for the Criterion racing concepts of accessibility, freedom, and motor mayhem.

Feel the adrenaline and become Most Wanted of Fairhaven!

Install the Need for Speed Most Wanted and start some trouble!

Android – Please look in Google Play

iPhone –
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted - Electronic Arts

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