NFL Kicker 13

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NFL Kicker 13

Challenge your kicking skills in this stunningly beautiful new game!

Become an NFL Kicker, from your favorite team.
Now you can choose between all 32 official NFL teams and take on the most challenging field goal kicking on mobile devices.

NFL Kicker 13 brings you all NEW uniforms, stadiums and kicking!
In this new game you will notice there are all new uniforms and equipment, with up-gradable stadiums when you add new tiers of audience seating.

Along with new uniforms and equipment you can take on punting. Try the dreaded coffin corner punts, perform accurate kicks to land in the indicated space, which is highlighted with markers.

Customize your jersey with name and number. It’s like you are in the actual game and watching yourself.

There’s a great new feature that lets you play at your own skill level XP Level up system.

XP level up system is based on your kicking skill and advances through the game accordingly. It’s not the same ol’ next level for everyone. You can play at your own skill level and still advance through the game.

You can also check your progress in Game Center.

NFL Kicker 13 has integrated friends!
Now you can compete with friends on Facebook, post your smack-talk and then kick their butt on the field. It has already taken on a whole new game when you’re able to compete with friends instead of random strangers.

NFL Kicker 13 for the Android, iPad and iPhoneNFL Kicker 13 for the Android, iPad and iPhoneNFL Kicker 13 for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Kick-around these features:

   • All 32 official NFL teams
   • All new uniforms and equipment
   • Compete with Facebook friends
   • Upgrade your stadium
   • Perform coffin corner punts
   • Customize your jersey with name and number
   • XP level up system based on kicking skill
   • Game Center
   • Live NFL news feed ticker
   • Superb high resolution graphics

Is this app linked to the NFL?
In the mood to check scores on Sunday or Monday night?

With an all new NFL news feed ticker you’re able to stay on-top of the scores of the NFL.
Don’t stop playing, just check on your teams with the NFL news feed ticker. It’s a great feature for any football fan.

With all the new features, you can enjoy NFL Kicker 13 at your own pace, stay in the game longer with live NFL news feed ticker and compete against friends.

Install the kick**s NFL Kicker 13!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –
NFL Kicker 13 - Full Fat

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