Overkill Mafia

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Overkill Mafia for the Android, iPad and iPhone

The Mafia is running things now!

Take over the streets of Chicago with your bootlegging empire with Overkill Mafia, a pick and shoot arcade shooter, with a dark graphic novel feel.

Shoot your way from the streets of 1920s, to the top mafia ranks to build your empire. Everyone knows you’re smart, ruthless and determined, and will crush other families to become the Godfather.

To become the greatest gangster of all time, you have to rule the streets. CHI-Town is not safe, back alleys are filled with thugs, mobsters and lowlifes. This makes it even harder to keep your bootlegging profitable. As others realize the Prohibition is the greatest opportunity this country has seen in a long time, it becomes harder to secure your profits.
You need to penetrate the luxurious cocktail parties and prominent circles, to keep your empire growing. This is where all your dirty tricks come-in-to-play, bribe, threaten and extort everyone.
Whack anyone that gets in your way, molotov cocktails, an arsenal of the Tommy Gun, Bar Machine Gun and Lupara Shotgun and more or call for gang support.
Have civilians at your mercy, bribe officials with liquor and run your crew tight as you win street Reputation Battles with the finest threads in the fanciest fashion.
Whatever it takes, to get to the head of the Mafia table.

Overkill Mafia is mesmerizing, with iconic art noir graphics for a unique atmosphere of the 1920s. Relive the time with beautifully looking Chicago environments, original classy soundtrack.

Overkill Mafia for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Overkill Mafia for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Overkill Mafia for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Overkill Mafia features:

   • Iconic art noir graphics
   • Relive the masterfully crafted 1920s
   • Beautifully looking Chicago environments
   • Weild powerful arsenal – Tommy Gun, Bar Machine Gun, Lupara Shotgun and more
   • Original classy soundtrack
   • Throw Molotov cocktails, call for gang support
   • Win Street Reputation Battles
   • Dress in the fanciest fashion
   • Become the best shooter – endless headshot mode
   • Have civilians at your mercy
   • Game Center

Overkill Mafia takes you right back to the 1920’s, the great times of jazz and booze revolution.
Toast to your enemies before you fill ‘em full of lead, trust others, whack the competition to establish your business and run it like a boss.
You will need to be willing to leave a few bodies behind, to be the greatest gangster. Just remember, never break the Omertà Code of honor.

Install the Overkill Mafia game today!

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