Paper Toss

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Paper Toss for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Paper Toss - Backflip Studios

If you are not in a productive mode at work and need to burn-up some time, Backflip studios has released this app for you. Crumpled up piece of paper and toss it into a trash can. With a new twist, add an electric fan into the mix and it becomes a challenging game. Adjust your strength and angle against the fan.

You are given a direction and strength or the fans airflow, so adjust your toss and make as many baskets as possible. There’s a score board that keeps your count. Play till your heart desires and this app will keep up with you.

There are few levels to choose from Easy, Medium, Hard, Airport, Basement, and Restroom. All with an option to access the main menu, just look around the screen for it.

Download this legendary office time killer, today or when you have time to waste.

Android – Google Play

iPhone –
Paper Toss - Backflip Studios

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