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Repulze for the iPad and iPhone Repulze - Pixelbite


Defy gravity with futuristic hovercraft racing in Repulze!

Push the hovercraft’s Repulze engine to the limit, as you tear-up tracks and beat the competition. Slide around corners and feel the low gravity of jumping gaps as you race six different hypersonic hovercrafts.

Steer with button or tilt control, as you master the nine different tracks and attempt to drive through a series of colored polarity gates that are green and red. Hit three gates of the assigned color and get the ability to boost for a limited time. Hit the wrong gates and you will lose momentum.
Get the time down correctly for optimal use of the gates for the boosts. This will be important for medal-earning times.

Repulze is a good looking game, with plenty of little advertising details sprinkled throughout the tracks.
The way the tracks loop and turn, combined with the overall sense of speed, come together nicely as well.

I could almost feel the G forces, especially with the iPad’s comparably large screen. The game also makes use of a constantly progressing player profile that gains experience from just about every possible action and unlocks new craft and colors at a fairly steady pace.

Check out friends and the competitions ranking with the leaderboards and achievements in Game Center.


Repulze app for the iPad and iPhone

Repulze game for the iPad and iPhone

Repulze features:

    • Fluid racing controls
    • Stunning graphics
    • Quick-to-learn touch and tilt controls
    • Game Center leaderboards and achievements
    • 9 gravity defying tracks
    • 6 hypersonic Repulze hovercrafts

Enjoy this slick futuristic racer and feel the G forces!

Install the most exciting hovercraft racing game Repulze!

Android – Please check in Google Play

iPhone –
Repulze - Pixelbite

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