Ski Safari

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Ski Safari for the iPad and iPhone     Ski Safari - Defiant Development 

Ski Safari

Ski Safari, avalanches = excitement!

Escape from an icey end, with help from friends!

Action that combines Avalanches and Animals to create a new gaming experience in Ski Safari.

Ski Safari is where Sven is woken-up from a deep sleep. He has to throw-on his coat and stay ahead of the deadly cloud of snow and ice. The avalanche is threatening the local mountainside and it doesn’t stop don’t forget to capture all the coins you can.

So you have to keep Sven ahead of the avalanche and rack-up high scores performing backflips, riding snowmobiles and using the unique attributes of the hillside animals.

Sven is only given time to grab his regular skis and the hillside animals can be used to glide further or soar to great heights, for a speedier escape.

In Ski Safari all the animals have specific attributes that can provide useful advantages for Sven. You can taxi the smaller animals on the larger ones.

    • Penguins – glide further
    • Yetis – are tougher than Penguins
    • Eagles – Soar to great heights

    • You can sometimes find Snowmobiles on the slopes

If you’re lucky and can find a snowmobile you can ferry multiple animals and maintain a very high top speed. The yeti jumps on with you and the penguins run along-side and the eagle flys overhead.

Ski Safari
Ski Safari app for the iPad and iPhone
Ski Safari game

        • Avalanches
        • Animal Boosts – Penguins, Yetis, Eagles
        • Snowmobiles
        • Crazy Combos
        • GameCenter

In Ski Safari staying ahead of the avalanche has its advantages and perks. Completing objectives can “level up” Sven and increase his score multiplier.

Pull-off some sweet tricks and combos for Sven will be rocketing up the high-score table with ease.

Install Ski Safari and get out of the way! AVALANCHE!

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –
Ski Safari - Defiant Development

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