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StarPagga for the Android, iPad and iPhone     StarPagga - Funsuma Games

Space Pilots, Dogfights , Laser Beams and Explosions. Just a regular Tuesday for ME!

StarPagga is an action packed multiplayer 3D space combat game. Play up to 8 other players, or single player campaign.

Configure your Spacecraft, master combat maneuvers and engage in a series of dangerous fast-paced dogfights. Pilot your spacecraft with the accelerometer or touch interface, as you battle in a variety of space environments like Saturn’s rings, Asteroid fields, deep fog Plasma Clouds. Fly tactically as you track your position and that of your wingmen and enemies with the mini-map radar.

Take on the enemy in 14 dogfight missions. Learn more with 2 tutorials. Put your skills to the test with 4 Challenge missions with Online Leaderboards.

New updates are Multiplayer voice chats (Bluetooth, LAN and Internet), Push notification game invites and game host messages, new internet lobby and Separate pitch and roll sensitivity.

Name your ship its good luck – that’s right name your ship, equip them with special upgrades:
Pulse Lazer, Beam Lazer, Fusion Torpedoes, Anti-Matter Missiles, Shield Generator and more.

Install this exciting, space shooter and complete the mission!

Note: 8 Player campaign and Multiplayer voice chat works better over WiFi.

Android – Look in the Market

iPhone, iPod, iPad
StarPagga - Funsuma Games

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