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Tank Hero for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Tank Hero - Clapfoot Inc.

Tank Hero has exciting 3D tank battles!

With 120 levels of fast paced action you will be tanking for hours.

With so many 3D levels of dynamic graphics and lighting and real-time shadows the game will suck you in as you wipe-out your enemies.

Choose from 6 different weapons to complete the campaign mode which just keeps throwing harder and harder levels at you. There’s also a survival mode which is really hard and Time Trial.

You can setup the controls for your preference with multi touch or a trackball schemes. I like the trackball it’s a lot of fun to control the tank with this very accurate control. Choose the control scheme that fits you gaming style.

Tank Hero has 6 types of Artificial Intelligence tanks that become more aware of your moves the longer they stay alive.

You must keep your eye on your health level and ammo levels. As the enemies are fast and don’t give you much room to move. Get used to using multiple finger gestures and perfect your aim and endurance.

Tank Hero for the Android, iPad and iPhone
Tank Hero for the Android, iPad and iPhone
Tank Hero for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Check out the features

   • OpenGL 3D graphics
   • 120 Levels
   • 3 game modes
   • 6 weapons
   • 6 types
   • Of AI tanks
   • 3 control schemes

Get into the upgrade shop and purchase new weapons, read all about them with a description of what the weapons capabilities.

Install this tankeriffic game now and become the Tank Hero!

Android – Google Play

iPhone –
Tank Hero - Clapfoot Inc.

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