Words With Friends

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Words With Friends for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Words With Friends - Newtoy Inc.

Words With Friends

Join in on the fun with Words With Friends, millions are already addicted to the word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness.

If you can group games together, this app would go with Scrabble.

Just like its ancient counterpart, crossword gameplay, is the object. Social gaming is the new craze, and this app is setting the standards.

Words With Friends Simple and familiar gameplay you know and love. Move your tiles around by touching the letter tile you want and slide your finger to the position you want. Zoom in to see better deatail, and make sure you’re in the right place.
And keep your eyes on the Double and Triple word score.

As you play, it’s like what’s next right? Well there’s no predetermined pace. You make your word and then wait for your opponent to make their word. It could take a few minutes to days to play a game, it’s up to you, and your friend.

You can view lists of Your Move, and of Their Move, which displays their name and when game started, their word and when they last played. If you find yourself waiting for your next turn, start a new game, with other friends or total strangers, up to 20 at one time.

Words With Friends for the Android, iPad and iPhoneWords With Friends for the Android, iPad and iPhoneWords With Friends for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Follow Words on Twitter, and post your scores and awesome word creations on Facebook. You can even chat with friends with in app chat messaging.

Push notifications will tell you when it’s your turn.

Play as much Words With Friends as you like, just not on the airport runway, right Mr. Baldwin!
Alec Baldwin as Capt. Steve Rogers on (SNL) talking about Words With Friends on Android, iPad and iPhone

Install the best social app game around and have Words With Friends today!

Android – check in Google Play

iTunes –
Words With Friends - Newtoy Inc.

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