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Zombie Cafe for the iPad and iPhone     Zombie Café - Capcom Interactive, Inc.

Zombie Café NOW on Android!

When you can’t find good help use ZOMBIES!

You must partner with the evil corporation, and use the undead as free labor to build your café empire in Zombie Café.

Not only can you direct your hordes in every management aspect you can also have them take down your competition. Send them after neighboring cafes and steal secret recipes.

Customize your café, by collecting and preparing more than 50 zombie-inspired recipes, and decorating your café with tons of items from the store, you can chose from over 100 items.
If your staff is wearing thin transform a customer or two into zombie waiters using toxin. Keep an eye on your zombies for they will attach customers and try to eat them when they get tired if you work them too hard.

Zombie Café comes integrated with Facebook.
Facebook connectivity will give you the ability to connect with friends and form franchises. You, as a franchise can manage all café business as a whole and control: ordering food, collecting fees, and sharing recipes.

The best way to connet with your friends on Facebook and such, is to have a Wifi connection. You will use-up your monthly data very quickly if you don’t connect to an alternate internet source. There are motivating factors to login everyday. So get connected on Wifi and earn “Frequent Fryer” bonuses.

Zombie Cafe for the Android, iPad and iPhone
Zombie Cafe for the Android, iPad and iPhone
Zombie Cafe for the Android, iPad and iPhone


   • Transform any customer into Zombies, to do your bidding, like wait tables. Be careful to not work your zombies too hard, they will get tired and try to eat the customers
   • Raid neighboring cafes to steal recipes and toxin
   • Decorate your café – over 100 items
   • Collect and prepare more than 50 zombie-inspired recipes
   • Connect with Facebook friends to form a franchise, order food, collect fees, and share recipes
   • Keep playing off-line
   • Earn special “Frequent fryer” bonuses
   • Retina Display Graphics

Zombie Café is set up for the Retina display, with graphics that are crisp and clear.
I really liked the feel of the game, it reminds me of the SIMS sprinkled with a zombie cartoon, where the whole world has been zombiefied.
The whole world is taken over by zombie labor so jump on the band wagon.

I like the environment a lot, and really think Capcom is on top of their design.

I recommend this game for anyone of age that isn’t afraid of zombies.

Download Zombie Café today and control your own ZOMBIES!

Android – find it in Google Play

iPhone –
Zombie Café - Capcom Interactive, Inc.

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