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Abduction 2 for the Android     

Abduction 2

The cow is back!

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Gem Slinger for the Android     

Gem Slinger

Reguiem Software Labs Inc. has created a fast reflex puzzle game. Use your skill as you clear the board by clustering the sparkling gems together in 3 or more. Sling them gems fast, and keep the walls from crashing down on you.

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Mario cartoon Puzzles for the Android     

Mario Cartoon Puzzle

Do you love the world of Mario? Touch Droid has developed a fun, picture puzzle game just for you.

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My Paper Plane 2 (3D) for the Android     

The paper plane is back!

I remember folding pieces of paper just right, to end up with a plane that would fly in the air for about seven seconds. With My Paper Plane 2 (3D) you can fly that paper plane for hours, as you pick up power-ups and score big combos.

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Penguin Skiing 3D for the Android     

Penguin Skiing 3D

Now you can ski as it was meant to be “like a penguin”.

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Robo Defense for the Android     

Robo Defense

Lupis Labs Software brings you a new tower defense game for Google Android. Basically your job is to prevent enemy vehicles from getting from one side of the board to the other. But while the enemy troops can drive, run, or fly, all you’ve got to work with are stationary guns, rocket launchers, anti-aircraft missile launchers, and “slow towers,” which slow down enemy units.

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X Construction for the Android     

X Construction

Lets’ build some bridges!

With X Construction you must build bridges for the train to cross safely. That’s it just build bridges over valleys, well there’s another string attached. You only have a certain number of building material given to you. And you must figure out how to arrange them so the train passes safe and sound.

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