Angry Cats

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Angry Cats for the Android  

Slingshot that Fur-ball!

Angry Birds are going to be eaten by the Angry Cats in an amazingly funny copy.

Stretch back your furry feline, aim and launch towards the obstacles and take out the dogs.
Play as 5 different cats, each with a unique skill to master like cluster-grenade cats, kamikaze cats, ninja cats and fat, high density cats. Aim your kitty just right and use their skills to take-out as many dogs as possible to make the most points.

Use the power-ups to earn even more points and annihilate those dogs and obstacles with Bigger Cat, Cat Air Strike and earn Extra Cat.
If you use all of your power-ups, you can make an in-app purchase for more.

Angry Cats has 60 exciting levels in scenarios like the City, Desert, Snow and Night. The colorful, detailed, well designed backgrounds add a nice touch.

You really can’t have more fun, than flinging a feline through the air. They always land on their feet.
Well at least they’re kicking k-9 butt!

Angry Cats game

Angry Cats app

Angry Cats game for Android

Angry Cats features:

    • Colorful backgrounds
    • 60 Levels
    • 5 types of cats
    • Different dog enemies
    • 4 scenarios
    • Power-ups

Take a shot at the high score and take out those mangy mutts, in Angry Cats.

Note: In-app purchases can be made.

Install the Angry Cats game now!

Android – Please look in Google Play

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