Angry Turds

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Angry Turds for the Android    

Angry Turds is LaRocguerrie, at its finest!

Listen to RMG, play Angry Turds. Get all the JLR you want!

I listen to RMG or Rover’s Morning Glory, the best damn thing on the radio. It’s a morning talk radio show, that is about current events and the lifes of the show. You can find them @

The shows’ crew is headed by Rover, you know Rover’s Morning Glory. I think next in the timeline is Duji, then Deiter, Dumb, Chocolate Charlie, then they added this weirdo Rob, and we come to the brown gem of the show, JLR.

Better known as the Skid Night Rider, AKA – The Storm Pooper, AKA – The Baby Food Bandit, the-one-the-only Jeffrey LaRocque.

The newest addition to Rover’s Morning Glory, Jeffrey LaRocque. He started as an intern and moved up quickly to an actual, part-time employee. Starting with a weekly movie review Skid Mark Cinema, Jeffrey won over listeners, with continuous 5 Skid marks for every review and lies, lies and more lies.

“I don’t poop my pants everyday son”.

In Jeffrey’s spare time he has put together, which naturally spawned the Angry Turds app. When you’re in Google Play Click here, check out the Jeffrey LaRocque Survival Guide and Jeffrey LaRocque RMGJLR.

Angry Turds is a fun, trivia question game about JLR!

Answer as many questions about our favorite female-tweet-follower. Even if you don’t listen to the show, you need to get this app and check out this crazy character, Jeffrey LaRocque. He is worth hours and hours of laughs and you might find yourself scratching your head trying to understand his reasoning.

Keep in mind there are other apps out there that are similar like Angry Terdz or an app that was already removed from iTunes.

Angry Turds for the AndroidAngry Turds for the AndroidAngry Turds for the Android

When you find yourself bored, when waiting for your hooker to arrive, play the hottest app around.

So, I say we replace CLY with JLR backwards – RLJ: Radio Loves Jeffrey.

Install Angry Turds now, and get down with Radio Brown!

Note: Only for Android in Google Play Store, click here, check back for iPhone

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