Tilt Racing

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Tilt Racing for the Android     

Tilt Racing, get your tilt on!

Get ready for the excitement of Tilt Racing!

With this fun and exciting racing game that is a full tilting good time, you will be burning rubber for hours and hours.

Race around the track as you tilt your device to control your car and take first place. You can also play with the touch pad, which isn’t as much fun as tilting. The chaos brought on with the physics based action will take tilting to the next level.

Tilt Racing has a visually stunning platform of a hover-above point of view. Terran Droid created this great game with 6 uniquely designed challenge race modes.
Choose your ride, as you pick between 6 different cars, after they have been unlocked, so keep racing.

Career Mode has tons of extras to unlock, tracks and cars and such, or take a quick race in the free mode and crush all challengers. Tilt Racing has been built for speed, so buckle up and get tilted.

Tilt Racing for the Android
Tilt Racing for the Android
Tilt Racing for the Android


   • Physics based racing
   • 6 Unique Race Modes
   • 10 Different Tracks
   • 6 Cars
   • Great Looking graphics

Think you know the track?
Well you won’t know the next one. That’s right race on 10 winding tracks from major City’s like Seattle, New York and L.A.

Install the adrenaline tilting good time, with Tilt Racing, today!

Android – Google Play

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