Wind-up Knight

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Wind-up Knight for the Android    

Wind-up Knight, will keep you wound tight!

Wind-up this game on your mobile device and rescue the princess!

In a nostalgic, arcade fashion, wind-up your knight and run, jump, roll and slash through the over 50 side scrolling levels to rescue the princess.

Wind-up Knight has gripping design and beautiful graphics that makes this 3D action hard to put down. On your way to rescue the princess you have more super moves to perfect like, double jumping, wall sliding, dive and roll. Power up with more energy and upgrading equipment and weapons.

With 4 unique worlds you must check every crack and crevice for the secret card that is hidden on every level. The original soundtrack isn’t the best but you can’t have everything, all the time.

The crusades are over but not the action, so pick up your helmet and winding key, so you can defeat the bad-guys! The castle scenes are really sweet and the harbor is my favorite.

Wind-up Knight for the Android
Wind-up Knight for the Android
Wind-up Knight for the Android

Install the knight that will keep your world wound!

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