A Dark Room

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

A Dark Room for the iPad and iPhone

You wake, head throbbing, it’s pitch black, and cold!

Light a fire and keep it stoked. Now see what’s around you to find more wood.
A Dark Room is the mobile version of text-based role playing games that came about with the first computers.

Keep the fire stoked, and get more wood. Start building huts, lodge and tannery for the village. Keep building your village and earn wood, furs, meat and supplies.

Every ten ticks you buy supplies, and can stoke the fire.
Events pop-up that you must react to, trade with someone or send them away and make the most of your encounters to earn the most rewards.

Stoke the fire, auto save. It saves your game,when you stoke the fire.

That’s right keep stoking the fire and gather more wood, fur and such. Build a cart, to collect larger bundles of wood.

A Dark Room can be played via VoiceOver.

A Dark Room for the iPad and iPhone

A Dark Room features:

    • Text-based role playing
    • Get wood darn-it
    • Auto saves
    • Reset Game

Complete the game and reap the rewards of reading!

Download the dark, A Dark Room now!

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