Airheads Jump

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Airheads Jump for the iPad and iPhone

Non-stop jumping action!

Airheads Jump is the newest arcade jumping game. Hop and hop your way to the top of the jungle to free other airheads that have been captures by the angry Tikis. Free them all to unlock awesome new characters, but watch out for the terrifying Tiki Titan hot on your tail.

The plane carrying all the Airheads had crashed, leaving only you to free the others. Complete levels and unlock new characters. As you collect all the Airheads you can use the their Power-ups and crazy combos to bounce your way through levels.

Airheads Jump is super easy to control!
Just tilt and tap to boost your Airhead and build awesome combos. Get to know the feel of the controls and master the boost. If you are having trouble completing a level, let the new Help trail boost show you the way.

Hours and hours of game play.
With over 100 levels of free bouncing fun, you will be playing for hours, just to earn bragging rights on Facebook and Game Center.
Follow your friends and competition on the leaderboards and earn more achievements.

Explore the huge Tiki Island in beautiful HD graphics!

Airheads Jump for the iPad and iPhone Airheads Jump for the iPad and iPhone Airheads Jump for the iPad and iPhone

Airheads Jump features:

    • Super Easy Controls
    • Beautiful HD graphics
    • Crazy power-ups and crazy combos
    • Collect all the Airheads
    • 100 levels
    • Leaderboards and Achievements
    • Game Center
    • Facebook

Get your hop-on with Airheads Jump, it’s addictive, trust Me.
The fun includes catching butterflies, smacking Tikis and freeing the others.

Download the Airheads Jump game today!

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