Atari’s Greatest Hits

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Atari’s Greatest Hits for the iPad and iPhone     Atari's Greatest Hits - Atari

Retro Gaming at its finest. For a PRICE!

Atari has wrapped up 100 Classic Atari Games and added Bluetooth multiplayer. You have options of purchasing all 25 packs at once for a discounted price. Or purchase individual packs that contain titles you want. This application isn’t just a middle man for more purchases, you get PONG for free.

Even if you don’t purchase any other packs, this app is worth it just for the nostalgic value. With a brief description of each game flip through Original artwork of the selections of Stand-Up Arcade Games, and Atari 2600 Games, the pack that comes with it, and view screenshots or purchase the Pack.

I think it is great that Atari has added the Bluetooth Multiplayer for head to head play. They do offer a number of titles that you can compete against friends. I didn’t purchase the Kit and Kaboodle, I don’t think it’s worth the price. However I do love the Asteroid Pack and the Centipede Pack. The Asteroid Pack came with Asteroid, Asteroid Deluxe, Asteroid 2600 and Canyon Bomber – Bluetooth Multiplayer. Centipede Pack was stuffed with Millipede and the 2600 version of both.

There are too many Packs to list them all, 25 to be exact. That you can the view in iTunes

Atari’s Greatest Hits for the iPad and iPhoneAtari’s Greatest Hits for the iPad and iPhoneAtari’s Greatest Hits for the iPad and iPhone

I love Atari and I think any age could enjoy the simplicity of early gaming. Try it out and see if you can beat your old scores.

Install this app and get your PONG ON!

Atari's Greatest Hits - Atari

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