Banana Kong

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Banana Kong for the iPad and iPhone     Banana Kong - FDG Entertainment

Banana Kong

Run with Kong through the jungle, caves and treetops!

Banana Kong is an exciting endless runner were you must run, jump, glide, bounce and swing on vines as you outrun the banana avalanche. Collect all the bananas you can to fill your energy bar, to use a power-dash to destroy obstacles.
You get help from riding the boar or fly with the toucan to avoid dangerous obstacles like spider webs, massive boulders, crocodiles, piranhas and boiling lava.
Nature can be a cruel enemy…

You can easily learn the simple touch and swipe controls of Banana Kong.
Tap the screen to jump. Tap and hold for Kong to glide in the air on a jungle leaf. Swipe down on the screen to drop down to the lower platform.
For the power-dash swipe your finger from left to right on the screen, when your power bar is full. Use the power-dash to break into caves, and run as far as possible collecting bananas. If you fall into the lava you transport back to the jungle.
Tap to grab a vine and tap again to jump to the next vine.

Banana Kong keeps the fun coming fast, so you must think quickly!
While you run through the jungle find help, ride the boar and giraffe or fly with the toucan to overcome obstacles. Find the Rainbow Banana and magnets.
Obstacles are found all over the jungle, smash the barrels to break through. You must avoid the obstacles like spider webs, massive boulders, plane wreckage, crocodiles, piranhas, boiling lava and dinosaur skulls.

Don’t forget to check out the shop to get power-ups, utilities, more bananas and check your achievements. You can get utilities like 1-up, simple boost, double boost, full power-up and water bounce.

Banana Kong
Banana Kong Game for the iPad and iPhone
Banana Kong app for the iPad and iPhone

Banana Kong features:

    • Endless runner
    • Random levels built on the fly
    • Easy Controls
    • Help from animals
    • Dangerous Obstacles
    • Secret Extras
    • Game Center

Banana Kong is connected to your friends with Game Center.
Outrun your friends distance and beat their score. Game Center lets you see their best distance right in the game so you know when you have passed them. Compare your high scores and unlock achievements while improving your gaming.

Install the cutest endless-runner, Banana Kong today!

Banana Kong - FDG Entertainment

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