Battle Supremacy

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Battle Supremacy for the iPad and iPhone

Battle Supremacy

The Ultimate WWII Tank Combat Game!

Lead your tank brigade and complete operations in epic WWII campaigns across France, Russia and the Pacific Islands. With over a dozen missions, 8 historically accurate tanks to unlock, advance in rank and play online against the world.

Immerse yourself within a fully-interactive open world by land, air and sea. Explore real-world cities with tunnels and bridges, villages in beautiful landscapes and landmarks, entire forests crawling with wildlife, airstrips manned with bombers and beaches with warships in the distance.
If you look close you will notice the small details of realistic weather in varied environments. Watch as the snowflakes fall or the fish swimming in the water.

Battle Supremacy has set a standard for tank games, on mobile or console.
You start off with the U.S. military standard the Sherman. After reaching Private 1st class you unlock the Panzer3, advance to Corporal and unlock the Type1. Blast your way to Sergeant 2nd Class to unlock the T34, reaching Master Sergeant unlocks the M18, Type4 is obtained ranking Second Lieutenant, reach First Lieutenant to unlock the Tiger R2, and Graduate to captain unlocking the KV1.

Play Campaign for choosing operations from Pacific Theater of War, Russian Theater of War or French Theater of War. Complete 3 tasks in each operation to earn medals. Collect Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in every operation for advance rank to unlock tanks and earn points that can be spent on upgrading your tanks.
With a wide range of upgradables, select from Radar, Armor, Engine, Tracks and Main Gun.
Level-up to unlock Planes and ships.

Play Online (internet connection helpful) for multiplayers action.
Select Team DeathMatch, and play online were you are put on a team with other players online and combat another team with is other player online.
For more team action try the King of the Hill, Capture the Base, Team DeathMatch to play multiple online friends and foes, in ten minute matches.
For just multiplayer gaming, try the Free for All were every player is on his own.

Get your traction in the Free Roam, no enemies an exploratory mode.

Battle Supremacy game app

Battle Supremacy game for the iPad and iPhone

Battle Supremacy

Battle Supremacy features:

   • Fully interactive WWII open world
   • Realistic weather and varied environments
   • Play by Land, Air & Sea
   • 3 Regions – France, Russia and Pacific Islands
   • Over 12 Missions
   • 8 Historically accurate tanks
   • Single & Multiplayer experiences
   • Upgrade tanks, planes and ships
   • Game Center
   • AirPlay support
   • iCloud support

Fully integrated Game Center for challenging friends and climb the leaderboards, iCloud is always saving and sharing your progress across devices and AirPlay is great for playing on your TV via Apple TV.

Get into the battle and roll over everything!

Install the bad-^*s Battle Supremacy, today!

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