bioDefense: Zombie Outbreak

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bioDefense for the iPad and iPhone     BioDefense:

Resolution Interactive has created a very cool game, bioDefense: Zombie Outbreak.

In the near future a comet, has crashed into earth and toxic clouds have blocked out the sun. While toxium levels rise, people start turning into zombies. You have the important mission of protecting your headquarters.

Your utilities are lights, energy generators and toxium containers. Weapons that your able to use are tripod guns and rocket launchers.
You must place your guns and rocket launchers in positions to protect your headquarters, toxium containers and power supplies.

Zombies come from all directions so you might have to move your weapons to other sides, you must wait for your toxium levels to reach certain levels to buy more utilities or weapons. So keep your eyes open and stay on your toes as there are more zombies that attack in higher levels.

bioDefense: Zombie Outbreak lets you save your games, load them at a later time, or practice your skills with basic training, advance training, surrounded, lights out or power shortage. Complete the first training levels to unlock new advanced missions.

Check out high scores, statistics, achievements, buildings and enemies. Or sign up with Open Feint and update your achievements and high scores automatically.

Download bioDefense: Zombie Outbreak the best zombie zapping defense game today!

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