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Blek for the iPod, iPad and iPhone

Uniquely creative and beautiful gameplay!

Blek has to be played to fully understand the elegant, creative gaming of such a unique game!

The goal is simple enough. Shape a line that collects all colored circles avoiding black holes on its route.
Your line moves in the pattern you draw. If you collect all the colored circles you advance to the next level, hit a blackhole the level restarts.

Each level can be solved with multiple solutions. So you can get very deep and complex or fast and simple, it’s up to you, so you can be as creative as you want.

Master 60 truly unique and entertaining levels that have been meticulously designed for iOS devices, with more coming soon.
Blek is integrated with iCloud and Game Center for Achievements and Challenges. iCloud Sync saves your progress on all your iOS devices.

Solve the puzzles anyway you can imagine, watch for the black holes, sometimes they are not very forgiving.

Blek for the iPad and iPhone

Blek for the iPad and iPhone

Blek for the iPad and iPhone

Blek features:

    • Truly unique gameplay
    • Entertaining experience
    • Multiple solutions to each puzzle
    • 60 amazing levels with more coming soon
    • Meticulously designed for iOS devices
    • Game Center Acheivements & Challenges
    • iCloud Sync

Join the imaginative fun of Blek and get funky creative.

Install Blek today!

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