Clear Vision(17+)

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Clear Vision(17+) for the iPad and iPhone     Clear Vision (17+) - FDG Entertainment

Clear Vision(17+)

Sniper the blank-emotionless, targets in this bloody, stick-figure carnage!

Tyler is your ever day guy, yet has no mercy, as he’s fired from his supermarket cleaner gig. Under the weight of failure Tyler snaps and begins a violent career as a professional hitman. This however, is also the beginning of a social decline, as everyone is out for-themselves. You can’t trust anyone.

Clear Vision(17+) has blood and gore!
With new Animated Cut Scenes, and the Daily Newspaper follow all the bloody excitement. Take aim and shoot as fast as possible, because they move faster and advert you as soon as the first bullet.
20 Missions will advance in difficulty and adventure levels.

Underground boxing is full of excitement and the underbelly of the city.

Adjust for the environment!
Clear Vision(17+) adds a level of difficulty with wind and distance. Now you will have to adjust for the distance to the target. Don’t forget about the wind, with a strong gust of a simple breeze you will have to make adjustments for the speed of the wind.

Take out the bad guys with their own arsenal!
It’s really cool. You can blow up your mark with a remote control bomb. And 5 other weapons of your choosing.

Clear Vision(17+) game for the iPad and iPhone
Clear Vision(17+) app for the iPad and iPhone
Clear Vision(17+)

Clear Vision(17+) features:

    • Animated Cut Scenes
    • Blood and Gore Animation
    • Daily Newspaper
    • 20 Missions
    • Retina Display Support
    • 5 Weapons
    • Wind and Distance Calculation
    • Underground Boxing

Take-out everyone is sight, don’t test my patience, you can’t trust anyone.

Download Clear Vision(17+) the #1 sniper app!

Clear Vision (17+) - FDG Entertainment

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