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Cut the Rope for the iPad and iPhone     Cut

Cut the Rope candy is Addicting!

Chillingo Ltd. Has recently released a cartoon puzzle game Cut the Rope which includes physics and timing, that will keep you busy for hours. This fun colorful game is addicting for any age.

Ding Dong, get the door!

Ding Dong.. As you answer the door you notice a package. The package contains a cute, candy hungry creature, Om Nom.

Your mission is to feed Om Nom the candy. There’s another task of collecting stars, as you get the candy into the creature’s mouth. The candy is attached to ropes which you must cut (with a finger gesture of swiping over the rope). Your timing and momentum of the ropes are a big factor to reach Om Nom’s mouth.

Watch for Spiders, that want to eat your candy, and Spikes that will break your candy into pieces. You must reach Om Nom with the help of bubbles, air pumps, catapults, hidden ropes and special pulleys.

Cut the Rope lets you check Crystal Leaderboards and Achievements lets you compare and post your progress throughout the world via online. And challenge others to beat your scores.

Cut the Rope for the iPad and iPhoneCut the Rope for the iPad and iPhoneCut the Rope for the iPad and iPhone

I love this game and recommend it to everyone that likes to challenge their brain.

Install Cut the Rope the cutest, candy eating creature today!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –

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Got Something To Say:

Kids know what is fun for us adults. Bought this for the holidays and it was hours of fun and helped me get closer to my grandkids as they taught me how to WIN..we both WON! Cut up with your kids!!

Video games remains the king of children’s pastime.

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