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Doodle Pool for the iPad and iPhone     Doodle

Billiards on a mobile device sounds like a cool idea.

I like pool, and wanted to get this app Doodle Pool.
Big head games, put together all of the elements of the beloved game. The scribbly lines are not the best graphics, but it does have good control reaction. After figuring out how to shoot the ball correctly, I was beating every opponent. There’s even a choice for 2 players, take turns as you play 9 ball, U.S. 8 ball and European 8 ball.

The controls let you make bank shots, straight in, tap the ball or blast it as hard possible. Anywhere on the table touch your screen, rotate your figure for the direction, pull back for your strength and let go to shot. If the opponent misses totally, you get to use ball in hand and place it anywhere on the table you like.

Download this free game Doodle Pool and give your opinion of the game, become a master billiard player and post your score on Facebook! Shoot on!

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