Dungeon Hunter 2

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Dungeon Hunter 2 for the iPad and iPhone     Dungeon Hunter 2 - Gameloft

Dungeon Hunter 2

Setting a benchmark in the Role Playing Game Genre, this action-packed app is cloaked in a mysterious ora.

A dark atmosphere falls upon the village of Gothicus in Dungeon Hunter 2

Dungeon Hunter 2 puts you into the immortal kings son and you must master the sword, bow and magic to save your realm. Gameloft S. A. released a beautiful exciting app that delivers the best Retina Display utilization.

Play the campaign solo or with up to 4 other adventurers at the same time. Team up with your buddies as you connect online via WiFi or local wireless with an iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. Compatible with Game Center and Gameloft Live, and climb the Leaderboards, unlock achievements and more.

Enjoy the same addictive hack ‘n slash gameplay in the open world with more enemies, more areas, more quests and more hours of gameplay. 3 difficulty levels all which can be unlocked by finishing the game once. Choose among 3 character classes with 2 specializations each and improve your character with dozens of different skills.

Collect hundreds of unique items, of melee and ranged weapons, that will impact your character’s look and skills.

Look for the HD version for the iPad

Install the best looking RPG for mobile devices now, and get your quest on!

Dungeon Hunter 2 - Gameloft

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