Dwarven Den

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Dwarven Den for the iPad and iPhone

Rescue fellow dwarves and collect loot!

Dwarven Den is a quest of epic proportion! Solve puzzles to rescue fellow dwarves trapped in ancient ruins!

Your people discover that their dwarven ancestors are trapped in vast underground mines

Your task is to dig through ancient civilizations, solving challenging puzzles along the way, in hopes of saving the other dwarves.

Mine the ruins and collect ore to forge better tools and gear, blow stuff up with bombs like the monsters and watch-out for cave-ins.
Beautiful graphics grab your eye and challenging puzzles pull you in.

Mine ancient ruins deeper and deeper through increasingly tricky puzzles and collect loot.

Dwarven Den game for the iPad and iPhone

Dwarven Den

Dwarven Den game app for the iPad and iPhone

Dwarven Den features:

    • Mine ancient underground ruins
    • Solve increasingly tricky puzzles
    • Watch-out for monsters & cave-ins
    • Blow up stuff with bombs
    • Collect ore to forge better tools
    • Collect loot

Solve puzzles and save your dwarven ancestors.
Dig deep through all the ancient civilizations, collect that loot and watch-out for the monsters and cave-ins in Dwarven Den, can you dig it!

Install Dwarven Den today!

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