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Ellen’s Know or Go for the iPad and iPhone     Ellen's Know or Go - Warner Bros.

If anyone asks I will deny the fact that I have watched Ellen. And yes I have seen Know or Go and would love to play, I want to know what the contestants land on, A big pillow, foam pieces, it would be funny if it were water. Now let’s talk app.

Ellen’s Know or Go is a trivia game that adds a twist of gravity. If you don’t know the answer you’re gonna get dropped. Wipe away the tension, with creating your own avatar. Use a photo of yourself from Facebook or your mobile device, and choose a wardrobe. Then listen as Ellen narrates the game, making jokes and eggs you on.

Ellen’s prepared 600 questions, in 7 categories of history, current events, music, TV and more. You can even challenge your friends and become the top player on the world-wide leader board (Game Center integrated), then post your scores on Facebook.

I recommend this game for 5 and older – any age really, but they need to know trivia

Note: Get 800 trivia questions for the iPad, and watch yourself drop from the cliffs of South America and much more.

Ellen’s Know or Go for the iPad and iPhoneEllen’s Know or Go for the iPad and iPhoneEllen’s Know or Go for the iPad and iPhone

Install Ellen’s favorite game from her show, and Know or you’re gonna Go!

Ellen's Know or Go - Warner Bros.

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