Escape from Doom

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Escape from Doom for the iPad and iPhone  

Escape from Doom

Egyptian desert. Mummies. RUN!

Escape from Doom is an action packed runner and First-Person Shooter hybrid.

After escaping a crumbling tomb you find yourself surrounded by the mummified guardians of the stolen treasure. You must run, dodge and shoot your way through mummies, sandstorms and dusty temples. Smash the pottery to earn gems and open the chests to obtain new weapons and accomplish goals and level-up to unlock more powerful weapons and perks. Collect gems and keys to help you level-up faster, which you can keep track of through Game Center.

With simple swiping and tilting controls avoid the mummies, open chests and collect gems to purchase equipment. Buy the things you need for the terrain and surroundings. Upgrade weapons to get the dual revolvers and crossbow which will turn the odds in your favor.
With over 60 goals, 3D mummies and dozens of weapons and perks this endless runner will keep your heart racing for hours.

Escape from Doom has the best graphics I have seen for a runner. The sand blowing in the background is a great effect and the detail of the mummies is exceptional.

Escape from Doom app for the iPad and iPhone

Escape from Doom game for the iPad and iPhone

Escape from Doom

Escape from Doom features:

   • 3D Desert environment with creepy 3D Mummies
   • Heart pounding fast paced action
   • Treasure chests containing realistic weapons
   • Strategic interchangeable perks
   • Over 60 goals move you through levels to unlock more powerful weapons and perks
   • Collectable gems and keys help you level up faster
   • Leaderboards
   • Game Center

Escape from Doom is mummified excitement with a runner/FPS twist. So hold on tight and run your fingers off to get out alive!

Download Escape from Doom and get wrapped-up in the action!

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