Flick Bowling

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Flick Bowling for the iPad and iPhone     Flick Bowling - Freeverse, Inc.

FREEVERSE had shrunk down a bowling alley and put it in this app. That’s right, an alley in your pocket, on your mobile device. Bowlers are going to love this game.

Choose between 6 characters that have different talents and skill level. Free Play is a single player mode, Versus lets you bowl against another player, choose computer or human. Customize your bowling ball, with an image. Check high scores that you have played on your device.

When you are ready to bowl find your best position moving left or right and tap the screen. Now you want to flick your finger up the screen towards the pins. If you have a second ball check your pins in the top left, so you know where to hit them.

I would recommend this game for anyone, any age.

Download this game today, and get to flickin’.

Flick Bowling - Freeverse, Inc.

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