Flick Home Run

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Flick Home Run for the iPad and iPhone     Flick Home Run ! - infinity pocket

Flick Home Run, is flickin’ fun-tastic!

A NEW power update for Flick Home Run: 5 Game Modes.

Flick your finger and make home runs with a real baseball batting through the physical pendulum. The batting is set up, as if your finger is the bat. So you must swing your finger in the appropriate speed and accuracy of swinging a bat. Practice on your accuracy, for the more accurate your swing, you better your chance for a home run. The controls are easy, just take a little time to master them.

Flick Home Run has various kinds of throws you must be prepared for the wacky movements of the ball. Timing is the big challenge, get this skill down and it will help tremendously. Take the time you need, to master all of these skills in the Training mode.

With 5 game modes you will be busy, for many hours of game play. Take a big swing and get into a competition against others. With multiplayer mode, compete with friends via GameCenter, there’s also Minor & Major Mode and Moon-Star Mode.

Flick Home Run gives you upgrades as you level-up, choose between 1 of 3 skills every time the exp becomes full. Power: You can increase the power of the bat, Accuracy: You can increase the accuracy of the batting, Batting Eye: You can know ahead of the next ball’s pattern.

The backgrounds are very colorful with great graphics and fun for any age.

Flick Home Run for the iPad and iPhone
Flick Home Run for the iPad and iPhone
Flick Home Run for the iPad and iPhone

If you want to Level-up follow these examples:

  • Minor 1 step = 3 balls
  • Minor 2 step = 6 balls

And remember these 4 tips for the best home runs!

     o Make a full swing as fast as possible
     o Hit the ball thrown pattern with accuracy
     o Watch until the end to predict the balls movement
     o Make a confident swing

Install Flick Home Run, a flickin’ fun Home Run hitter!

Flick Home Run ! - infinity pocket

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