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Frog Hop for the iPad and iPhone  FrogHop

Frog Hop is a fun app for every age!

You are the Frog King and the princess needs your help. Hop from colored ball to ball and change them to gold.
Go for high scores and gain kisses, but avoid thievish storks or swimming bombs or you will lose your crown and be an ordinary frog again.

To jump to the next ball tap the corresponding color on your controls as the ball you intend to jump to. As you are catching dragonflys and flies, by tapping them. Certain balls will give you new crowns and speed up or slow down the action.
Collect 12 different crowns like “The Crown of Hopington” or “King hop_a_lot”.

I like this game and play it with my nephews. It has bright colorful graphics and relatively smooth gameplay.

Hop on-over and download FrogHop game today!

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