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Guncat game for the iPad and iPhone

Don’t wake that cat!

When you wake the Guncat, he gets cranky. He grabs a weapon and needs your help to shoot-down pesky birds.

The controls are very simple, tap once, shoot once.
Hunt those pesky birds but watch out for the black crows which are bombs. If you shoot a crow they explode, Kaboom!

Shoot birds that are carrying ammo so you don’t run-out. Collect and buy 8 devastating weapons each bigger, better.

Score even more with accuracy. Collect whole sets and earn score multipliers The Combo system awards skilled players for getting 100% accuracy with huge scores.

Use those skills and challenge friends!
Through Game Center, challenge friends and beat their high score. Check the Leaderboards to see your ranking.

Customize Guncat, to be your very own!

Guncat game for the iPad and iPhone

Guncat game for the iPad and iPhone

Guncat game for the iPad and iPhone

Guncat features:

   • Simple Controls – Tap once, shoot once
   • Hunt Birds, Collect whole sets to earn score multipliers
   • 8 Devastating Weapons
   • Ammo Birds
   • Black Crows – Exploding bombs
   • Cat Customization
   • Challenge friends
   • Game Center
   • Universal – buy once and play on all your iDevices

Play Guncat on all your iDevices, with one purchase.

Download the Guncat game now!

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