Hired Gun

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Hired Gun for the iPad and iPhone     Hired

This app is a free game from Triniti Interactive. You are a sniper on a downtown building with a mission to take out your enemy, which is indicated by a colored hat. Watch for the regular bystanders, for they will deduct from your score if they are shot. The controls are very sensitive to the touch, so I didn’t like this game so much, as I do not have the smallest fingers. Accuracy is the key when you zoom in to take a shot, tilt your device left to right, up or down to move your cross hairs.

The movements in zoom are slow, and the enemies keep their speed the same, you must move fast. The targets increase in number and there are more than one on the screen as you level up, and increase in difficulty, keep your eyes open and take out as many targets as possible. As always there is the option to upgrade to the full version.


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